You can get paid to design Lululemon accessories and it’s an absolute dream career


Designing trendy accessories like belt bags and scrunchies is actually a full-time job at Lululemon – and they’re looking for someone in Vancouver, BC to fill that role.

The popular company is hiring right now and offers great benefits.

Basically, it’s a dream job for Vancouverites who love all things Lululemon and have a fashion background.

The position is based in Vancouver and you will be able to design and create Lululemon sports accessories.

The company offers some awesome perks, like a monthly stipend to spend on health goals and employee discounts, which makes the job even better.

The job has educational requirements. To apply, you must have a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts, or equivalent degree.

To become an accessory designer at Lululemon, you’ll also need at least four years of industry experience and an understanding of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Excel, Word, and Mac platforms.

If you qualify and successfully land the job, you’ll even be able to write the iconic “Why we did this” lines for all of your own creatives, depending on the job posting.

The post also stated that a requirement of working for Lululemon is to make sure you build “fun and joy” into your work and don’t take yourself too seriously.


Location: Vancouver, BC

Who should apply: This is the perfect job for a forward-thinking Lululemon fan in Vancouver! You can get creative in this role and get some cool perks while you’re at it.

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